gothgrlamysue (gothgrlamysue) wrote in avengers,

Revenge is better than Xmas!!!!!

Hey all!!!!!!! W/ Xmas approaching Ive decided 2 act out my revenge on a man who totally deserves it! First a lil backstory....
I worked for this guy named slimeball.....he was after me 2 have sex w/ him so after almost a year of him persuing me I went ahead & did it. We had sex a couple more times after that. Hes married but its not my problem. In April I started datin this new guy really dig him & Greg wanted 2 have sex again so I said thing I knew I was fired.....
Went 2 the labor board and even tho everyone @ work new about it no one would say nothing so it was my word against his. Since I did that hes been a real ass and cost me a job I got after I was fired from his place........called em up & told em I was arrested 4 stealin & shit............
I need sum gals 2 help me out here........I wanna have some one call his wife & claim to have had sex w/ the sleezebag but they gotta act all mad like theyre upset bout it. Id do it myself but I know his wife & shed recognize my voice if I called there.....Id be eternally grateful 4 to anyone who can help me out........
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