A Memoir of Sorts (tabularasa101) wrote in avengers,
A Memoir of Sorts

Revenge Story I found "The Porn Star"

So my girlfriend of a few months cheated on me... with the porn producer we were working with. I was severely wounded because I had high hopes for a future and I loved her, but she’s young and dumb and
didn’t know how to break up with me and wanted to play the field. So cheating was the most logical solution (sarcasm). To top it off, she gave me herpes.
Anyway, we had done a few porn movies for the net.
After she was totally remorseless about cheating on me, I did the only sensible thing i could do; plot my revenge. I knew her mom and her had a bad relationship. I knew her mom was paying for all of college. I knew that if her mom found out she would be screwed completely. So 20 minutes later and an email and an angry voice mail later her mom knew all about her porn escapades with me, knew about her threesomes with 2 guys, knew about everything that had gone on. So her mom in her infinite wisdom decided to stop paying for college, and now she’s gonna have to drop out cause she can’t afford it or start working hard in the "industry".
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