A Memoir of Sorts (tabularasa101) wrote in avengers,
A Memoir of Sorts

Revenge Story I Found

I recently discovered my husband was talking to a transvestite online, planning on visiting this person while away on business. I decided to confront him and this man (dressed as a woman). He swore he would stop because I had too much proof which I would have presented to his family and friends if I ever got word again of any such affairs. Well the transvestite wasn't as quick to decide to back off. He/she started calling my home, sending e-mails to my e-mail address and harassing me at every turn. I decided she/he needed some attention and I am just the lady to provide her with that attention. I sent her phone number and home address to every pervert that I could find on the internet telling them that they could just call or stop by at any time. As for my husband, well let’s just say I will take his secret to the grave, as long as he never crosses me again. If he does, his entire friend and family network will get a copy of my recorded conversations with the transvestite as well as some incriminating video footage I found on his PC. Is blackmail illegal when you are married to the victim? LOL
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