A Memoir of Sorts (tabularasa101) wrote in avengers,
A Memoir of Sorts

Simple Revenge Stories I found

When I was in high school people used to call me “toothpick” because I was super skinny. They would always lay toothpicks on my desk or throw them in the bathroom stall when I was inside. There was this one girl in particular who went too far. She put pictures of my head on toothpicks and handed them out at lunch. It really made me mad so I decided to get revenge. This was was the opposite of me, let’s just say she was BIG. She came late into class the next day and I had crammed a big fat bouncy beach ball into her seat. She started crying. She never messed with me again.

My boyfriend called himself the best cook in New Jersey. Yeah, right. Hamburger helper goes a long way. He even put it his cooking skills up on a dating site as a chick magnet! Before I left I coated the inside of all his cooking pots with liquid detergent.
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