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best served cold

ok... i am reall fucking glad i found this place, because this one needs to be good. like cask of amontillado good. and i need help.

quick background: i dated a girl for about a year. she told me everyday how much she loved me. and i believed her. now there were times when i thought something may be up cheating-wise. and i would confront her about it. and everytime she said i was imagining things, and that i didn't need to worry because she loved me.

well she cheated on me. lots. one of them was an ongoing affair (that's just low). and the other one... my best fucking friend (that's much much lower). so when i found out i was utterly devestated. i left the fucking state. and i didn't beat anyone into hamburger, which i had every right to do. but now, i am planning.

oh, and how i am planning. i plan to stay out here for a year. i have "forgiven" my friend. and i have told the whore that i would be back. she claimed to be real sorry, blah blah blah. and she misses me, etc...

i have been working out. saving money, and i think i need to get a better job.

the idea: i have been IMing her close friend. real nice-like. getting close enough to get personal. as for the friend. he is holding onto a lot of my stuff from the move (we were roomates). now the whores friend lives in san fran (school) while she lives in LA (her fucking MOM'S house... i can't believe i dated this idiot). so i figure get real close with the friend. chat chat chat. and then when the money's saved, and i'm looking real good from the exercise, i go out there and seduce her. it shouldn't be TOO hard. she had a thing for me before the whore and i got together. we establish ourselves just enough to where she likes me more than just sex-wise (this is hopeful thinking). then i fly out to LA, and surprise the ex (who will hopefully still be dating the offender to really double up on the revenge). i seduce her (not hard at all... she's a whore). get her on tape, show it to her boyfriend, get her to think i may want to be with her, and then i leave her ass for the friend. and if her friend gets hurt i won't feel too bad, because she knew all about the whore's misdeeds, and she told me nothing.

now, this is super involved, with lots to possibly go wrong. i figure at the least i can maybe just fuck up her relationship with her BF. if her friend doesn't sleep with me, then who knows what i can REALLY do to fuck her over. i'm not gonna be satisfied with sugar in the gas tank or any of that stupid shit. this bitch has ruined me. i can't sleep, i can't think straight, i go into fits of rage with no warning and she helped destroy a great friendship.

i will DESTROY this cunt!!

now, here's where i really need the help. how do i destroy my old friend? i figure if he's dating someone i'll do all i can to fuck her. right now, i'm "friends" with him. but i'm not. no. i am definately NOT his friend. but for anything to work, i must pretend. keep your friends close and your enemies closer, that kind of thing. the possibility of him being with someone that means something to him though is not that good. all i know is that the whole thing has to sting with the pain of being betrayed horribly by someone he thought was a good friend. that way, when i beat the ever living piss out of him. i can scream "you're not my friend, you were never my friend". i was even thinking of having him help me with my revenge on the whore, and kinda set him up for a fall in the proccess. or just let him know he helped me and i still fucked him over.

help. i need suggestions, and ideas. refine the loose plans i have. i have lots of time. a year. they say revenge is a dish best served cold, and i plan to see if that's true. i'm trying to set everything into place. i want this to be cathartic.

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