A Memoir of Sorts (tabularasa101) wrote in avengers,
A Memoir of Sorts

The Soda

I used to work for a large food manufacturing company and dated a guy there. Administration had a big pot luck lunch and he was supposed to bring a case of soda. He called me at 6:00 AM and told me to buy the soda for him because he wanted to jog that morning and wouldn't have time. I went out and bought a case of a popular soda made by OUR BIGGEST COMPETITOR. I wrapped it in a large plastic bag and put a tag with his name on it. When it was time for the pot luck, he unwrapped the sodas and everyone in the room (about 200 people) literally gasped. I later found out that his boss took him back to his office and chewed him out for about an hour. He never forgave me for that, but I never forgave him for being too lazy to buy his own damn soda.
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