gothgrlamysue (gothgrlamysue) wrote in avengers,

Need sum help!!! Any takers????

Recently got fired from my job for nothing other than the owner was pissed that I wouldnt take him up on his offer to have sex. Hes married & I knew his wife and like her. I looked into filing sum sorta sexual harassment charge against him but was told by 3 different attornies that its hard to prove & I know the guy well enuff to know that none of my former colleagues would stand up for me, so there isnt much point in tryin to do anything bout that. What I wanna do is let his wife know bout him tho. Not sure how hes been gettin away sleepin round on the poor woman but he has a ton of chicks on the side that hes doin. What Im lookin for is some women to make sum calls and claim to have slept w/ him. The numbers I have dont have caller ID (ones a business number) but the calls could be made from anywhere. Any help, please lemme know (in private & Ill get ya the numbers). OH forgot to mention I sent a letter to his father in law tellin him bout it but I guess everyone dismissed it. Havin somebody make a few calls would forever remove that dismissal. Thanks! AmySue
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Too bad you couldn't get any pictures of him with another women, just pictures of him going into the person's house or a hotel or what not then send that to the wife.