A Memoir of Sorts (tabularasa101) wrote in avengers,
A Memoir of Sorts

Revenge Story I Found

I was married for 10 years when I caught my cheating husband. I knew for months what he was doing and I was waiting for the right moment to catch him. I knew her name, where she worked and lived. I had her home, work and cell phone numbers and he didn't suspect a thing. Then the right moment came along. He told me he was going to Sears to return a knife he bought which was broken. It was Friday night and I knew what time she got off of work. So when he left, I left and drove my car as fast as I could to where she worked, sure enough, she came out and I saw my truck coming around the corner and pick her up.

I got two cars behind him and called him on his cell phone. I asked him "where are you", he said "at Sears", then I told him "your a damn liar because I'm two cars behind you"......then I said "you'd better drive fast and take your passenger home, cause you've got a lot of packing to do". I wish I was a fly in the truck, I could see her slump down in the seat. He took her home and I promptly kicked him out.

I immediately filed for divorce. A few months later I showed up at her work. I wanted to introduce myself to her and her co-workers. I felt she needed to see my face and that I was a real person she was hurting. While I was giving her my opinion of her, she just starred at the ground like a child getting into trouble. Then the jerk bought a home just a mile away from me. One day while passing his home, he was there with the Realtor, Home Inspector and the sellers. I drove into the drive way and went right into the house. I told him what a creep he was for moving so close to me and revealed everything he did to me. I can still see the look on his face, he couldn't say a thing, he just looked down. The other people in the house made themselfs invisable.

The best revenge was a standard letter I sent to everyone we ever knew expaining why we are divorcing, and also included him in the address list. I wanted everyone to know the truth.

That was two years ago and it all still brings a smile to me face everytime I think about it. To this day, he is still bitching about that letter. I don't regret one thing I did. The best part is even though they live close to me, they both are terrified to run into me. At this point, I've moved on, but it does my heart good to know they are on the look out for me.........
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